Synchronize your files and edit documents on Google Docs


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Google Docs is one of the most popular online document editing tools. However, no one puts into question the commodity of editing files directly from the traditional program, both because of the integration of its online tool with the desktop as well as the need to synchronize files on both environments.

Syncdocs is a program that makes this task much easier as it makes synchronizing files to Google Docs and integrating the documents editor on your Windows operating system much easier.

This application creates a folder on the system with all of the files found on your Google Docs account. The changes you make in the files contained in this folder will be updated onto Google Docs and vice versa.

Also, when double clicking on a compatible document, instead of having the traditional editor run, a new window on the browser will open with the Google Docs editor so you can edit it.

Syncdocs will, without a doubt, be of great help to those who want to make Google Docs their main documents editor.
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